The Visualization Virtual Services (VVS) is an infrastructure combining databases for the archival of shapes and software tools for their processing. The VVS is a revised version of the Digital Shape Workbench (DSW) developed by the AIM@SHAPE consortium, whose direct benefit is to provide the means for sharing digital resources, such as tools and models, for the preparation of virtual scenes and experiments for any graphical and VR settings. To a larger extent, the VVS fosters the re-use of program components and testing models for speeding-up research in digital shapes, and as such, it may be regarded as an e-Science support in the field of scientific visualisation. The VVS is conceived as an operational, distributed and web-based resource repository which involves the integration of the Shape Repository, the Tool Repository and the Ontology and Metadata Repository, together with an advanced Search Framework.

Mia Immagine