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The AIM@SHAPE Glossary

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acquisition device
A system of sensors connected to a storage device (usually a PC), designed for acquiring data (e.g. Laser Scanner, Haptic Device).
acquisition planning
The design of the strategy for the data acquisition. For instance, it decides object/sensor position(s), number of acquisitions.
A part of an image segment.
algebraic curve/surface
A curve or surface which can, in addition, be described as the zero locus of a polynomial system.
See Registration.
alpha shape
It formalizes the instinctive concept of "shape" for a set of spatial points. The alpha shape is uniquely defined for a specify point set. When given a finite set of points S, and a real parameter alpha, the alpha shape of S is a polytope. This polytope neither have to be convex nor connected. When varying the number alpha over the real numbers, a family of shapes is generated displaying the intuitive concept of "rough versus "fine' shape. When alpha is sufficiently large, the alpha shape is identical to the convex hull. When decreasing alpha, the shape shrinks and progressively shows cavities. Such cavities may join to form holes. When alpha gets sufficiently small, the alpha shape is empty.
animation controller
Algorithms used to produce animations. The class specifies the inputs required for the algorithm to work and the outputs (usually animation sequences or specific joint values) it is capable to produce.
animation sequence
Pre-recorded animation sequences (key-frame animation, etc.). In general it contains the joint angle values and/or vertex displacements corresponding to the key animation frames. Different interpolation and codification methods can be used. Such sequences can be applied to one or many VH depending on the codification and technique being used.
The process of generating a function, a curve, or surface, that is close to given spatial constraints (typically point samples).
articulated character
3D animation object made of a geometric skin attached to an articulated skeleton. An articulated character animation is driven by skeleton animation and performed with Skeleton driven deformation.
articulated skeleton
See Control skeleton.
See skeleton joint.
asymptotic curve
The asymptotic curve on a surface is that along which the normal curvature vanishes.



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