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edge collapse
It consists of contracting an edge e in a simplicial mesh to a vertex v, which can either be a new vertex (full-edge collapse) or one of its extreme vertices (half-edge collapse). In a triangle mesh, the simplices incident at e become simplices of one dimension lower. All simplices incident in one of the two extreme vertices of e become incident at v.
The free extremity of an end segment in a control skeleton.
equi-brightness curve
The equi-brightness curve of a surface is the locus of points where the brightness of an illuminated surface is constant.
equi-gradient curve
The equi-gradient curve of a surface is formed by the points where the angle between the surface normal and a given vector is constant.
euclidean cell complex
Let G be a connected finite set of cells of heterogeneous dimensions embedded in the Euclidean space Rn and d the ith maximum of the dimensions of the cells of G, such that the boundary of each cell in G is a collection of cells of lower dimensions belonging to G. Then, G is a d-dimensional cell complex if and only if the interiors of any pair of d-dimensional cells of G are disjoint.
extraordinary vertex
A non-regular vertex.



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