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Adding a hidden pattern in an image, surface, or sound, that can be checked algorithmically, but is not perceived by the human observer.
The watershed of a C2-differentiable function f defined over a domain D is the set of points of D which do not belong to any catchment basin.
water tightness
In general there are small gaps between the surface elements describing the shells (inner and outer) in a CAD-model. In a simulation model such small gaps are not allowed, the elements constituting the simulation model has to have an exact match, or in other words be water tight.
Multiresolution representation based on wavelets have been developed for parametric curves and surfaces, meshes and surfaces of arbitrary topology and even for volume data.Wavelets provide a framework to decompose a complex function into a ?coarser? low resolution part, together with a collection of detail coefficients and different resolution levels, all necessary in order to recover the original function
winged-edge data structure
It explicitly encodes all entities forming a mesh. For each edge e, the data structure maintains the indices of the two extreme vertices of e of the two faces bounded by e, and of the four edges that are both adjacent to e and are on the boundary of the two faces bounded by e. Vertices and faces are also encoded: for each vertex v, a pointer to any edge incident in v, and for each face f, a pointer to an edge bounding f is maintained.



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