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Tool Repository
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The Tool Repository

The Tool Repository, initially developed by the AIM@SHAPE Consortium and further enhanced for the VISIONAIR infrastructure, is an inventory of shared software that collects and documents a large number of state-of-the-art tools that can be used to process and manipulate digital shapes. Some of these tools are available at the VISIONAIR facilities. The main goal of the services provided by the VVS Tool Repository is to provide a web-accessible repository of links to tools for processing and preparing digital shapes for research purposes and visualization activities in the VISIONAIR facilities. Users of the VVS can find in the Tool Repository support to the preparation of visualization experiments thanks to a well-documented link to a rich set of processing tools, including libraries, standalone applications, tutorials and plug-ins. The Tool Repository can be browsed and searched thanks to a taxonomy, with detailed metadata, which reflects the knowledge related to the tools.

For researchers and software developers the Tool Repository can be a good means for making their software usable by larger research communities both in the Computer Graphics and in other application domains dealing with shapes. Software developers can contribute to the Tool repository by registering and uploading their tools information.

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Original Image

Image with Mask (Input)

Final Result (Output)

The ImageCompletion tool (hole filling)






A random tool: ReMesh
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Latest upload: 3D Medical Morphology Analysis
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