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Description: EU project on semantic web and 3D models

Description: A large research database of classified 3D models.

Description: A 3D building database that provides very high precision representation of buildings and architectural structures in urbanized cities and locations of interest.

Description: A medical image and signal database proposed as a tool to perform objective evaluations of image and signal processing algorithms (coding, denoising, segmentation,…), and for performance method comparisons as well as medical data analysis.

Description: A repository of 3D models (many from CAD system and in different formats, some free, registration required)

Description: A collection of 3D models (range images), still images and motion imagery.

Description: Over 400 range images accompanied by registered intensity images.

Description: More than 4600 3D models available for download in various formats. Registration required.

Description: Few supporting models for book of the same name by Luebke and colleagues. Also contains links to other repositories.

Description: A large collection of scenes with varying number of primitives intended for evaluation of different ray-shooting acceleration schemes.

Description: A library of 3D models downloaded from the internet.

Description: Displays and converts between 410(!) file formats.

Description: A large binary image database at Brown Univerity.

Description: Provide numerous models for shape retrieval benchmarking.

Description: A collection of simple models for shape matching.

Description: Contains an array of textual, metric, and visual information about human heritage objects.

Description: Few but large models

Description: Several scanned models including head, face and whole body scans.

Description: A search engine for 3D models.

Description: Huge database of 3dsmax shape objects. Unfortunately, you have to pay for shape data.

Description: Many shape objects. (Free) registration required.

Description: The original Stanford bunny archive!