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Introduction to ontologies

AIM@SHAPE ontologies

Common ontologies
Shape ontology
Tool ontology

Domain ontologies
Virtual Humans ontology
Shape Acquisition and Processing ontology
Product Design ontology

VISIONAIR ontologies
Workflow ontology
Virtual Manufacturing ontology

Medical ontology

VVS Medical Ontology

The MSH ontology
Medical ontology hierarchy


The VVS Medical Ontology is a simplified version of the MSH ontology, since the current version of the MSH ontology is too broad and covers a lot of concepts focused on diagnostic measurements which are outside the scope of the VVS system.
In addition, the VVS Medical Ontology (MO) is more focused on the acquisition and segmentation/3D reconstruction procedure (for practical reasons), is less complex and has direct links to the AIM@SHAPE Common Shape Ontology (CSO). An overview of the VVS Medical Ontology is shown in the following diagram.