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Workflow Repository
Executable Web Services
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The Workflow Repository

The Workflow Repository, developed for the VISIONAIR infrastructure, is an inventory of process workflows that can be adopted to process and manipulate digital shapes. It is connected to the Tool and Shape repositories to take advantage of the information stored in them related to shape models and tools for processing and preparing digital shapes for research purposes and visualization activities. Two different types of workflows are considered: static and executable workflows.

Static workflows are tutorial-oriented workflows, mainly devoted to Virtual Reality applications. Users of the VVS can find in this part of the Workflow Repository a support to the meaningful steps for the preparation of a CAD model for being used in VR environments.

Executable workflows are geometry processing workflows that can be remotely executed by taking advantage of specific Web Services. Users may define Executable Workflows by combining geometry processing algorithms, choosing among the available ones. Once a workflow is uploaded on the Workflow Repository, its runtime execution is managed by the repository itself and users can run a workflow by giving a triangle mesh as input and obtaining the generated output by email.

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