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The Shape Repository

The Shape Repository of the Visualisation Virtual Services (VVS) is a shared repository populated with a large number of digital shapes. It is an integral part of the infrastructure fostering an e-Science framework in the field of 3D model processing and visualization. The Shape Repository of the VVS infrastructure is realized in VISIONAIR and enhances the Shape Repository developed in the AIM@SHAPE project by providing additional services and search modalities for preparing digital shapes for visualization purposes.

The main goal of the services provided by the VVS Shape Repository is to provide a web-accessible repository for sharing, preparing and accessing digital shapes for research purposes and scene settings and visualization activities in the VISIONAIR facilities. Services are provided to set up and share groups of models among a defined group of users, to set up test cases and benchmarks, so as to enable efficient prototyping as well as practical evaluation on real-world and large-scale shape models. The emphasis is on a rich set of accompanying metadata, specified by the common shape ontology developed originally by the AIM@SHAPE consortium.

Tools from the VVS Tool Repository have been used to develop services to automatically extract metadata in the upload process and to download models at a desired level of detail in a multi-resolution format (services available for a limited number of shape categories).

The menu frame on the left can be used to browse and search the model repository, according to different modalities allowing either a simple browsing, or a keyword search, as well as advanced search by similarity. Semantic search is also available, according to concepts and metadata (this search modality will be fully functional soon).

Registered users can upload new shape models and groups of shapes, decide who can have access to them and can see all the uploaded resources according to the functionalities provided in their profile page.

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