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The Ontology & Metadata Repository

Ontologies1 define the meaning of terms in a specific context by breaking them down into formal concepts with explicit relationships. A concept may have multiple instances (e.g. John and Mary are both instances of the concept "human"), and properties of each instance can be described by specific metadata.

The VVS is based on two main ontologies: the Common Shape Ontology and the Common Tool Ontology.

The Common Shape Ontology targets different kinds of multimedia content, ranging from 2D/3D images to videos, 3D models and 3D animations, and maintains top-level classification and information that are shareable and usable in different domains. It conceptualizes fundamental knowledge in the context of Shape Modeling and Visualisation and its related disciplines.

Similarly, the Common Tool Ontology targets the documentation of software tools for the creation, analysis, visualisation and processing of 2D/3D images to videos, 3D models and 3D animations.

Based on these two "general" ontologies, additional domain ontologies are defined to focus on more specific subdomains (e.g. Product Design, Virtual Humans, ?).

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